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The latest stable releases of Steam Condenser are listed below:



The prefered way to integrate the Steam Condenser gem into your project is using Bundler. Just specify a dependency in your Gemfile:

gem 'steam-condenser', '~> 1.3.11'

If you don’t use Bundler, you can of course install the gem directly via RubyGems:

$ gem install steam-condenser


The JAR archives for the library itself, the documentation and the source code are available from Maven Central.

If you’re using Maven you have to define Steam Condenser as a dependency in your POM file:


If you’re using another build tool, please use the appropriate syntax to use Maven artifacts as a dependency.

The plain JARs can be downloaded directly from Maven Central, too.


The recommended way to use Steam Condenser is to define a dependency using Composer:

    "require": {
        "koraktor/steam-condenser": "~1.3.10"

If you’re not using Composer you can also get a plain source archive:

  SHA1: a532ce66ac7dc8ec654e009b1626e68569306e1e
  MD5:  dd23ef62c6e4baae5ffa2156a5fcb2df

Git repositories

If you want to use the development code or – even better – contribute, cloning the Git repository of a language specific implementation is the best way to get started:

Java repository

$ git clone git://

PHP repository

$ git clone git://

Ruby repository

$ git clone git://

If you want some of the main files, like the README, or this website you should clone the main repository.

Main repository

$ git clone git://
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