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As many other open-source projects Steam Condenser benefits from the participation of its community. Any contribution will help to make Steam Condenser better.

How to contribute?

  1. Find bugs and report them
    Just use Steam Condenser and find bugs or other issues. Report them at the issue tracker and they will be fixed.
  2. Request new features
    Do you have a cool new idea that would fit well into Steam Condenser’s functionality? Or do you have a nice little feature that would make Steam Condenser’s features even better? Don’t hesitate to propose them at the issue tracker.
  3. Write patches
    Don’t want to wait for bugs to be fixed and features to be added? Just start your own fork of Steam Condenser at GitHub, make your own changes to the code and they will most likely find their way into the main library.
  4. Start an implementation for another language
    You think Steam Condenser is a great library? But you want to code in another language? Go on, start a Steam Condenser fork and develop your own Steam Condenser in any language you want, e.g. C++, Perl or Phyton.
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