Package com.github.koraktor.mavanagaiata.mojo

package com.github.koraktor.mavanagaiata.mojo
Maven mojo implementations and related code
  • Klasse
    This abstract Mojo implements initializing a JGit Repository and provides this Repository instance to subclasses.
    This abstract Mojo implements writing output to a PrintStream This is either System.out by default, but maybe another PrintStream object wrapped around a file given by outputFile.
    This goal provides the currently checked out Git branch in the "mavanagaiata.branch" and "mvngit.branch" properties.
    Base class for formatting changelog output
    This goal allows to generate a changelog of the currently checked out branch of the Git repository.
    Pre-defined base URLs used for links
    This goal checks various aspects of a Git repository to ensure it is in a valid state prior to a build
    Exception type thrown during repository checks
    Types of failures
    This goal provides the full ID of the current Git commit in the "", "mavanagaiata.commit.sha", "", "mvngit.commit.sha" properties.
    This goal allows to generate a list of contributors for the currently checked out branch of the Git repository.
    This goal generates the source code for a Java class with Git information like commit ID and tag name.
    A generic exception used to relay an error during mojo execution
    This goal provides the most recent Git tag in the "mavanagaiata.tag" and "mvngit.tag" properties.
    Helper class that provides the current version of Mavanagaiata to the mojo instances