Metior is a source code history analyzer API that provides various statistics about a source code repository and its change over time.

Currently, it provides access to Git repositories using either file system access or directly on GitHub using GitHub's HTTP API.

About the name

The latin word “metior” means “I measure”. That's just what Metior does – measuring source code histories.


Metior is available as a Ruby gem and requires Ruby 1.8.7+ (other Ruby implementations are also supported). It can be easily installed using the following command:

$ gem install metior

If you want to use the development code you should clone the Git repository:

$ git clone git://
$ cd rubikon
$ rake install


Get started having a look at some code snippets on the examples pages.

The complete documentation of Metior's Ruby API can be seen at The API documentation of the current development version is also available there.


If you have questions, problems, or suggestions feel free to get in touch:

Further information

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