Klasse JGitTagCandidate


class JGitTagCandidate extends Object
This class represents a tag candidate which could be the latest tag in the
  • Felddetails

    • tag

      private final JGitTag tag
    • flag

      private final RevFlag flag
    • distance

      private int distance
  • Konstruktordetails

    • JGitTagCandidate

      JGitTagCandidate(JGitTag tag, int distance, RevFlag flag)
      Create a new tag candidate instance with the given attributes
      tag - The candidate tag
      distance - The distance from the current commit
      flag - The flags used to determine ancestor commits
  • Methodendetails

    • getDistance

      int getDistance()
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      The distance from the current commit
    • getTag

      public JGitTag getTag()
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      The candidate tag
    • incrementDistanceIfExcludes

      void incrementDistanceIfExcludes(RevCommit commit)
      Increments the distance of this tag candidate if the given commit has not been seen already
      commit - The commit to check